Reaped a hundred n’ seventeen souls on Booktube.

This post was due loooooong ago.

As the title says, I have reached a total of 117 subscribers on my booktube/youtube channel as of today! I never thought I’d make it this far but I did? In case you guys are wondering what the hell am I doing on Booktube/Youtube if I already have a blog going on right here, well, first of all, I find it relaxing to blog and exciting to make videos. 🙂

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Hello, stranger.

Hi, I am Maku Felix.
I am a Dark Erotika and Fantasy Artist from the Philippines.
06-june 08-august
10-october GEMINI.jpg
I also do Book Reviews on YouTube and would try my hand in blogging for a change.

I also like:
Coffee ☕
Coffee ☕
and Books.
and more Coffee. ☕

I wish that you’d guys stick around and would appreciate it if you tell your friends about my humble blog and booktube videos. Thanks for dropping by, stranger. 💖