My Creative Process

“How are you able to create your artworks?”

I usually get asked a lot by people, especially during exhibits and art talks, on how I go about my creative process as a painter.

I know, I know, I barely paint these days–but I figured that maybe writing about it will get me back on track! So here goes.

Lets take a look at this amazingly accurate visual representation of how MY creative process actually works:



My thought process, in all honesty, can be compared to the thought process of a 3-year-old. I should know, I’m raising a 3-year old.

First things first, where do I get inspiration from?

  • Books
  • TV series
  • Movies
  • Games
  • Songs
  • Life Experiences
  • THE INTERNET (dun, dun, duuuun~) 

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere.

You see, my thought process would go from just doing things and then a EUREKA moment, its almost always that sudden. The need to jot down ideas is just heart-racing, so I always keep a pen and paper close by.

What do my sketches look like when I just want to record my EUREKA moment, you ask?


They’re pretty messy, I know, but this works for me. This is a study for a painting I’m working on, inspired by a book I’ve read written by Neil Gaiman.

So then I get the layout, character expression, and usually there are notes on the side or just anywhere around the sketch that I made, pretty much like this comic strip I made for Mama Kaiju:

mama kaiju

This is a comic strip based on my life experiences. Pretty much the things I want to remember, this is my way of preserving things.

Another sample would be inspiration from the Internet. One time, I was browsing through random quotes for work and I stumbled upon a really good one, by Neil Gaiman. So this concept sketch happened:


Still on the works, but I hope you get the idea.

So with those laid out for you guys, I then process the manner I want to render them.
I ask myself the following questions:

  • Do I want to realistically render this?
  • Can I pull it off nicely with heavy lineart and just hints of color?
  • Is it good to animate?

Once I’ve decided on a certain approach on an artwork I am working on, I indulge in the hunt for pegs.

AND, I mean, A LOT.

Just looking at pegs online inspires me to try new things, to test new brushes, painting styles etc.,

My safest painting style, or go-to painting style, is usually the realistic ones and I never go wrong with those; they usually get mistaken for photo manips, but nonetheless, people still appreciate those! So its still a good thing.

Here is a sample of a painting process I made a few months back, its one of the Zodiac Sign Series paintings I did last 2016 for Asia Pop Comic Con and I really enjoyed making these!

I also forgot to mention that my creative process involves a whole lot of crippling self doubt episodes and a few self loathing here and there, and thats normal. I’m not gonna deny that I do also have episodes where I just give up and pick up a pen again after the feeling passes.

And you know what?

Its okay.

Just keep drawing, painting, writing, what have you.

“You start growing at times when you feel uncomfortable.”

I hope you picked up a thing or two about my creative process! 🙂


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