Reading in Public Places

There is a certain notion that you are overstaying your welcome at any cafe once you are done consuming what you paid for.

Being a reader has its ups and downs, well for me it does.

Like at times, when you live in the city, you rarely have any other place to go to that feels cozy; lets you consume drinks and food while being immersed in the stained pages of a trees afterlife–a book. 

You see, in my experience for the years I have consumed hours on end just reading a book at a coffee shop or just even a cafeteria, I usually choose a place at the late hours in the morning when its not so busy and stay until I feel that I should be leaving the premises.

Basically, I start feeling that way when I see tons of people coming in and at first, they would occupy all the vacant seats until there is none left–which leaves me, the only person there, with a book and empty tableware, to be stared at and feel very uncomfortable.

I know how a cafeteria functions and how the “socially acceptable” ethics in coffee shops go, you place an order, be seated, consume, and go.

But you see, thats not even the point here.

Point is, what makes these people think that they can just stare at people until they leave?

I have no issue as to giving up a seat for people who needed to be seated to enjoy their lunches and what-not but its the politeness of asking if they can be seated since you’ve practically “licked your plate clean” is whats missing.

I literally have lost my shit over this that I’ve given up on trying to convince myself that people are capable of being polite at these situations.

In all honesty, since when did “overstaying your welcome” become an unspoken rule at any establishment where every single person who comes in and places an order is and isn’t a customer.


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