Hey guys, it has been a while–I know.

I have been busy with the processing of my Graduate Studies and have been obsessing over work for a few days now, and it has taken its toll on my dominant hand.

So now, we’re back to regular programming and I can finally catch up on my reading.

Lets take a look on how bad my reading challenge is doing:

oh wow

Honestly, that doesn’t look good at all.

So far, from my May tbr pile, I am currently reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. It was gifted to me by my friend and I have been struggling so hard on reading this particular book because of the concept of lightness and heaviness in an individual and the “vertigo” or “longing to fall” feeling just hits me.

Halfway done with this book and looking forward to finishing it over the weekend. 🙂

1. Dark Matter – Blake Crouch


I’ve been seeing this book for quite a while now on BookBub as one of the very few good science fiction thriller books out there that were recently published—I THINK?

What made me buy it was Clara’s review of this book and I just went for it. Gist is Jason (protagonist) gets knocked unconscious by this man and wakes up in a totally different universe that seemed too good to be true? He still remembers his real(?) family, life, work, self but has no idea how we would be able to go back to that life that he has gotten used to.

Sounds terrifying, and I am immediately sold.

2. Smaller and Smaller Circles – F.H. Batacan


Probably the first Filipino book I’ve ever read in years. Like legit Non-Bob Ong favorite Filipino book. Its a Mystery Thriller novel which of course tickles my fancy–hence why this made my June TBR.

I originally saw this book on a friends facebook and I got curious because she barely reads anything Filipino as well, and she was extremely excited about it so I looked it up. Why this book, you ask?

a. Pinoy Detective Novel
b. It has a Jesuit priest who happens to be a forenscie anthropologist.

I think I’ve made my point.

3. Throne of Glass – Sarah J. Maas


I have been meaning to read this book for so long already, just kept putting it off for other books because I have mixed feelings towards it.

I am already running out of books to read on my shelf, and buying more books will just amplify the guilt of ignoring this one for quite a while now.

Basically a YA book with a girl protagonist, seemed interesting and the cover was very very very pretty. Saw this on Max’s video of her bookshelf tour on YouTube and instantly fell in love with it.


4. The Boy on the Bridge – M.R. Carey


M.R. Carey. Nuf said.

After reading The Girl with All the Gifts, by the same author. I wasn’t able to keep still when I found out that he was releasing another book, I was stoked. 

Set in the same world as The Girl with All the Gifts, but I don’t think its a sequel of any sort? More of a prequel, as far as my research capabilities have gotten me.

Follows a group of scientists and a clever boy whom they thought could help them cure the plague.

I cannot emphasize how BAD I WANT TO READ THIS. 

That wraps up my June TBR pile and heres to hoping I finish every single one. 🙂


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