BOOK REVIEW: Halfway (Aspiration for Deliverance #1) by Lokesh Sharma

I was asked by Lokesh Sharma if I was interested in reviewing his debut novel and told me the gist (duh, of course) of what the book is about. I honestly wasn’t expecting his novel to be that big a deal when I first heard about it because, debut novel + really broad topic, do the math.

But still I got extremely curious as how he would tell his story so I took the opportunity of reviewing his book.



To sum things up, it basically tackles the afterlife. BUT, its a totally refreshing take on the this particular argument that has been going on for centuries.

A little background, the writer is born and raised in India, so its no surprise that he would tackle this topic in his book.

Back to the story, the story revolves around his dark take on the matter of afterlife by telling it through a science fiction novel. Long story short, you die, you wake up in another world, and you pay for your sins there while you were still alive. They have all these fancy gadgets to get them started with their new life and all and its just really brilliant.


As for characters, I honestly have no favorite characters yet because I was only able to catch a glimpse of each one because it is SUCH. A. SHORT. BOOK, I addressed the author about how short his book was and he just didn’t want to waste our time reading his debut novel if it wasn’t that good but man, oh man—he was definitely wrong.

But since we have to pick a favorite from the pool, I cannot really go for Dev because he’s too wishy-washy at this stage but I would definitely root for Aparna. She is such a strong character and if you guys know me well enough, I like my women characters strong and edgy. She’s full of angst which is one, but definitely an instant favorite as her character hits the pages.


What I liked about his book is that its extremely fast-paced. You cannot stop reading it. Knowing that its really short (142 pages), if I had the time, I would finish it in a day but given the circumstances, I would have to go with reading bits of it whenever I can. huhuhu.

I also liked the whole idea of portraying afterlife in a futuristic way, its like another Earth but you’re not entirely sure if you are still human. If you are still alive.


What I didn’t like about the book is how short it is. I honestly wanted to read more into it but it ended quite fast and that ending was a total cliffhanger.

For a debut novel, this is promising. There is so much potential that I cannot wait to read whats going to happen next.


Overall verdict: 4 stars our of 5 and would definitely recommend this book to science fiction nerds out there and afterlife enthusiasts/believers. Its a great mix of both and again, very refreshing.



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