April 1st.
April Fools. I know almost everyone is excited enough to pull off the “best” prank they can come up with whenever April Fools is just around the corner and I myself had my fair share of pranks that I deemed meritable—and honestly, not offensive at all.


At some point in our lives, there is always that ONE PERSON who thinks that April Fools Day is either an excuse to be:

a. An Asshole.
b. AN Asshole.

So here, I’ve collected some of the April Fools Day jokes, pranks, what-have-you that I find annoying and extremely rude.

1. The “I AM PREGNANT” Joke.

That one friend who thinks its fun to wave around a pee stick with a POSITIVE result on it on April 1st then claiming the “pregnancy” to be a fuckin’ joke itself. How bout I tell your mother that her daughter thinks carrying her for 9 frickin’ months was complete and utter bullshit?

2. The “RIP *insert celebrity name* here”.

Ever heard of die-hard fans? You know, the ones who are so into the fandom or person rather that they would actually kill themselves upon knowing that the celebrity they’re sorta-kinda worshiping is dead? Not cool, bro.

3. The “I’m gay/I’m coming out.”

Just. Fucking. Rude.
See, this is why SOME people from the LGBTQ community find it HARD to come out publicly because a huge chunk of this society thinks its a joke.

4. The “I’m breaking up with you” prank.

What if your significant other has anger issues? that you had no idea existed?
What if your significant other is capable of hurting you, your family, etc., on a whim, all because of a stupid April Fools Joke?


NOW THATS JUST WRONG. I honestly have been victimized over, and over, and over to extents that I can no longer fathom and I honestly hope that the people behind this joke, would be thrown out a plane with no parachutes. You guys are the worst.

Yes, this post was actually ALMOST all about the joke that other rude geeky bastards think IS funny. WELL, ITS NOT. Stop making these Middle-Earth related posts because as far as I know, ITS NOT GONNA HAPPEN—EVER.

But bottom line is, before you think of pulling pranks or claiming jokes that you’re pregnant, or breaking up, or having mental illnesses—-ANYTHING that you think is funny but you know deep inside is downright class-A rudeness. Stop.

April Fools is supposed to be fun.
Not heart-breaking. Not about the competition or who gets to pull the BADDEST prank ever.
or to take advantage even.

So there you have it.

May you guys have a great April Fools Day, lets keep things clean.


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