Struggles of not being able to read(?)

Reading is meant for the privileged, as what most people believe in.

I refuse to adhere to this misconception that reading is only meant for those who have the luxury of being able to sit and relax and enjoy a book.

Yes, I am about to rant, somewhat, but I am also trying to make a point.

I am currently juggling three jobs, a regular 8-5 office job, a teaching gig, both of these pay regularly, and also doing freelance work on the side, now these pay a lot. As most of you know, I am a single mother, and being a single mother with retired parents meant that I have to work harder to provide, and working harder meant not being able to do things I am passionate about, ie. reading—well I almost believed it, but I am stubborn af.

So let me share with you guys some “tips” and “tricks” that I learned along the way while trying to figure out this adulting plan I have and still be able to do stuff I like.

1. Lunch Breaks.

While everyone at work would go out to have lunch, I religiously pack lunch before coming to work so I don’t have to go out and buy lunch, sorta kinda wasting time walking and deciding what to eat—so while the office is quiet for an hour, I am enjoying my lunch, coffee, and books.

2. Audiobooks.

When I get assigned to do super light work, I listen to some audiobooks of what I’m currently reading, I discovered that I can actually do with audiobooks when I’m just working on light edits unlike when I have to focus on paintings and stuff.

3. Idle Time/On-The-Road.

See, I am one of those few people who hates bringing home work. Given that I work on my freelance stuff at home, and grade students for my teaching gig at home, I never work on office-related work at home. So one of the few things I look forward to when its almost 5pm is the time I get to spend on the road to get home, here in Manila, its always traffic so reading in a moving vehicle isn’t that much of a problem–or, I could still resort to audiobooks.

4. Reading before bed.

Reading doesn’t make me sleepy, so this might turn out to be a problem in the days to come, but there is always auto-pilot when you need to. (hehehe, jk). But yeah, when my kid turns in, I go read a chapter or 2 before going to bed. Somehow it helps me ease myself to sleep, knowing that Id get to accomplish something bookish for the day aside from my day reads.

So that is how I get to squeeze in my reading during my day job, it may sound impossible for some, but I don’t think anything is impossible, if you just put your mind to it.


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