Reaped a hundred n’ seventeen souls on Booktube.

This post was due loooooong ago.

As the title says, I have reached a total of 117 subscribers on my booktube/youtube channel as of today! I never thought I’d make it this far but I did? In case you guys are wondering what the hell am I doing on Booktube/Youtube if I already have a blog going on right here, well, first of all, I find it relaxing to blog and exciting to make videos. 🙂

Making videos is one of the things I find enjoyable to do other than read and paint, it may be stressful during production, being a one-man-team to boot, but its definitely worth everything once you see the outcome of all the hard work you put into creating a single video.

So to everyone who is curious enough to check out my channel—


I make videos about bookish things, and art, and mostly geeky nerdy stuff!
Currently revamping this channel so expect more content from me as I near the end of revamping and head over to actual production!

Will be back to regular programming hopefully next week!
Thank you so much for all the support and the time, I really enjoy sharing my opinions and books that I like, and spazzing over geeky stuff with everyone, and appreciating the things I love just fuels my imagination.

You guys are the best.



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