First of all, my NO SPOILER REVIEW for this book is on booktube but since I really, really, REALLY, loved this book, I decided to do a FULL, NO HOLDS BARRED, REVIEW here on my book blog because Joe Hill is the bomb.

For the curious souls who fear spoilers, the no spoiler (kinda) review is here.

But for those who are brave enough to read through spoilers, proceed with caution—

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Reaped a hundred n’ seventeen souls on Booktube.

This post was due loooooong ago.

As the title says, I have reached a total of 117 subscribers on my booktube/youtube channel as of today! I never thought I’d make it this far but I did? In case you guys are wondering what the hell am I doing on Booktube/Youtube if I already have a blog going on right here, well, first of all, I find it relaxing to blog and exciting to make videos. 🙂

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