REVIEW: Creatures of Appetite – Todd Travis

“Knowing everything is knowing everything,” Thorne said. “Being always right is knowing what you KNOW, knowing what you DON’T know, knowing what you NEED to know and then defining the relationship between all three of them. That’s what always being right is.” – Todd Travis, Creatures of Appetite

I first came upon this book during a massive Amazon Book Haul I had a few months back when I won a $50 Gift Check for Amazon from an Art Contest. Of course, the title had me at Appetite, I immediately knew that there was some sort of cannibalism going on or something twisted going on in this particular book, so I gave it a read.

Its the first book of the series, and the second book is already available on Amazon entitled Trophies and I am sure as fuck to read that book as well!


Its about the Heartland Child Murders. In context, its about this serial killer who causes a huge panic amongst parents in Nebraska, especially parents of little girls—yes, he only takes little girls, locked doors can’t stop him as well–and local police can’t catch him. He is referred to as The Iceman.



During the first few chapters of the story, Emma Kane was introduced as DAMAGED GOODS. I already got the idea why, maybe a little but didn’t grasp it well enough.

What I didn’t like about her character in this book is that they really made her live up to the expectation of tits-and-ass can get you by. I’m pretty sure she can do more, its just the lingering thought of “She’s a girl, she’ll just drag us down” that makes me cringe.


Jacob Thorne on the other hand, was a classic fave as soon as his character hits the pages. Hes a burnt-out profiler who was on a sort of break when he got assigned to the Heartland Child Murders case.

What I like about Thorne is how he takes no shit from anybody and how grumpy he was he was working with Kane and local police. He is such a brilliant character, not Sherlock brilliant, but the most of the time he was so unpredictable that its hard not to love him. Potty mouth aside.


I like the approach the writer had for THE ICEMAN, that he was all mysterious and moves discreetly among the book–BUT I have half the heart about the part where the author gave the reader a bit of his perspective when he was about to capture his “probably” last victim.

I surely hoped that he had a totally different approach to it, than to just reveal that hes out there waiting and how he did it. But nonetheless–he is pretty smart.


This book was pretty short, around 200 pages tops, and very easy to follow. It leaves you wanting to read the entire book in one sitting—which is possible, given its a pretty short read–not entirely sure if anyone can relate but what kept me interested in this book is the magic of how Thorne does his profiling, its like reading about Sherlock and his Science of Deduction Magic.

Its amazing.

I also loved how the author stayed true to the TYPICAL cop/law enforcer/police language, which is, rather frank and profane. Not all law enforcers speak this way, yes, but most of them do. So I really liked that he stayed true to that bit.



Holy shit you guys. That ending just made my jaw drop and had me put my phone down (kindle edition) for a moment and think and absorb just what the fuck did I just read.

That ending just gave me so much to be afraid and excited for in the next book.

It was insane. 

I also didn’t like how he made the Iceman look like a desperate freak towards the end, he was very smart all throughout and just before the book ends, he became this weak-ass maniac.

Overall verdict: 4 stars out of 5 and would definitely recommend this book to everyone who doesn’t have an issue with reading profanity on almost all the chapters in one book.

A footnote from the author

“If fictional bad language bothers you more than the fictional murder of young people, this book is definitely not for you, but I thank you for your time and consideration.” – Todd Travis


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