2017 Bookish Memory Jar

Hi guys! Its been a while.

This post is solely dedicated to us book fanatics who are looking for a different alternative to To-Be-Read/TBR Jars. 🙂

Just a thought.

Ever saw one of these posts on your feed a few days before New Years Eve?


Well, I personally didn’t fancy the thought of having to write about good things that happened in my day as I may or may not at times find it tedious, but collecting book quotes DO sound like something I would fancy doing every now and then.

I personally think that collecting a book quote or two (or more) from books you’ve read this entire year will be an amazing experience.

Its an exciting thought as well, opening the jar on New Years Eve and revisiting books that got you through the entire year through quotes that plucked your heartstrings during those days where you feel like you connect to these quotes like they were written for you.

Image from Pinterest

As of today, I have deposited 5 quotes from a book I recently finished, The Butterfly Garden, which I strongly believe to be one of the best books I have ever read. I am so excited to share the experience of welcoming the New Year with these quotes like I’m welcoming 2018 with friends Ive met through these pages that are and will always be so dear to me.

Happy Collecting! ❤ 


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