2017 Reading Goals!🔥

Happy New Year you guys!

I would like to take this time to discuss to you guys my reading goals this 2017.
Lets be honest, last 2016, I originally planned to read 50 books, I really did. Aiming for 1 book per week or so was lets say, a little ambitious at that time so to speak, given that I have just started reading again after how many years of not.

So I cut it down to 40.


This year, I will get back at it at 50 and hopefully, I won’t cut it down and adjust to my liking just so I can accomplish this years reading challenge. (heehee.)


I honestly have a hard time managing my time, especially I have a graphic novel in the works and a few personal projects to boot. But we shall try to make this work!

Heres to more books this 2017!

I would love to know your reading goals for 2017, do hit me up in the comment section as to how many books are you guys going for this 2017!


4 thoughts on “2017 Reading Goals!🔥

  1. 41 books is good. Its a lot more than the majority of people read. We’re just reading fanatics, so we compare it to other book fanatics. The only reason I read so many is that I count all my audiobooks. I upped my goal for this year, but maybe it is too ambitious. Maybe I should have started lower and increased it later if I was doing as well as I hope to.


    • I just got back to reading recently and thought that this would keep me busy doing these challenges 😀 seemed fun comparing them to other book fanatics and ofcourse exchange to-be-read piles with! 🙂


  2. I’m always worried if I set a book goal that I’ll be less inclined to pick up larger books. I did set my Goodreads to 52 this year, but I cheat and include graphic novels in that count, hehe. My main goal is to dedicate time during the day to reading, as I’ve fallen into the habit of just reading in bed.


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